[TAG] DOD 230 Noise Gate

Here’s the build I’ve draw to use with some of my higain layouts like Dr.Boogie, or BSIABII. It’s unverified. It’s single knob gate with the switch – I have no bloody idea what switch does, I’ve downloaded the original layout long time ago and I don’t really remember from where, so no person to ask. From the picts of the original unit we see no extra switch, so this one is an mastery The idea of using this layout to me is to activate it without the toggle/stomp switch, just use a pot with integrated DPDT. In O position this circuit will be omitted, anything above activate the gate… Well, it’s just my idea to use it, this way you save a space, but doesn’t really matters how you use it really.

I’m not sure If this is any good for higain pedals, as I heard it’s to slow, may be some of you knows how to make it faster, or perhaps someone point me better single knob project to transform

[TAG] Dr.Boogie

R1: 2M
R2: 1.8K
R3: 2.2M
R4: 680K
R5: 470K
R6: 1.8K
R7: 470K
R8: 1M
R9: 3.9K
R10: 330K
R11: 220K
R12: 1.8K
R13: 10K
R14: 4.7K
R15: 2.2K
R16: 100
R17: 100
R18: 68K
R19: 1M

C1: 1uF
C2: 22nF
C3: 2.2nF
C4: 1nF
C5: 20pF
C6: 1uF
C7: 22nF
C8: 22nF
C9: 1uF
C10: 6.8nF
C11: 220nF
C12: 220nF
C13: 30nF
C14: 100uF
C15: 5nF
C16: 1nF
C17: 220pF
C18: 220pF
C19: 220pF
C20: 100uF
C21: .1uF

D1: 1N4004
Q1: J201
Q2: J201
Q3: J201
Q4: J201
Q5: J201

BASS: 100K-A
GAIN: 1M-A (or 500K)
MID: 2.5K-B
TRIM1: 100K
TRIM2: 100K
TRIM3: 100K
TRIM4: 100K

[TAG] YAFF 69 & 70 – Fuller Mods

I’m not sure about 69. In GGG project files we see 0,1uF cap, while in most (all) of YAFF’s I’ve seen there is 0,01uF. Also I’ve changed 1k resistor in line with Q2 bias knob to 4,7k as this is what works better to me. Have a look and tell me what you think. Trimm is 10k, Fuzz Control 1k Lin, Input Bias 50k llinear, Contour 1k linear, Vol 500k log.

As per 70 – again, confusion starts!

Electrolytic from base of Q1 should be 2,2uF in all FF clones, and here is – according to GGG project files 22uF… So I’m asking WTF?

as per layout, 10pF/1M combo can be set under the board to save 2 tags