[0.15″ pitch Vero] Wilsic Sound – Wah Wah

Wilsic Sound Wah Wah is none-inductor based circuit I know nothing about! 😀 Project file was issued as a kit in Radio Constructor Magazine somewhere in 70’s

Here’s what Effectdatabase.com says about the Wilsic Sound brand:

“Wilsic Sound was the brand name used by Wilsic Electronics, Doncaster, England. From 1972 until 1977 they made the Miles Platting series of amplifiers for JHS. The company disappeared after the owner died prematurely in 1977″

Please note that originally it’s silicon PNP (positive ground) circuit. Original draw, and two modified for NPN (with matched to original layout with BC183L transistor in mind), and my take for BC108/109 (typical CBE pin-out) or similar was provided.

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Project files:


Matched to the real one [PNP] – vero layout

NPN version. BC183L have the same pin-out and orientation just like  PNP transistors in original unit

C-B-E transistor lineup. My take. NPN’ed

For electrolytics I recommend low voltage BC electronics. The axial ones 40-63v look nice mounted vertically, and are not much longer than 1/2w CC’s. Your choice really, just a suggestion.