Check ’em out

Guitar FX Layouts – Mark’s site is the biggest source of turretboard and vero layouts.

La Revolution Deux – Mr. Briggs site! As the man himself says “Everything from a humble tubescreamer to the Holiest KLON” …and many more I dare to say! – unmatched quality, awesome design. Mike’s boxes are top notch

Madbean Pedals – sick & tired of tag/turret/vero/whatever? If so check him out! Brian’s PCB’s are fair prized, and well designed. Also smells nice, and taste good

Pigeon FX – Brook’s replica center! All kinds of vintage repro boards on real vintage paper phenolic material. We use and love the same shit! You can buy the pedals from Brook as well

Kit Rae BMP Page – Holy Bible – you can love them, hate them but never ignore! I love them a lot!

I Love Fuzz – Cause  I love fuzz too

Apocalypse Audio – One of the best DIY blogs around – My recent discovery – Great and solid info about vintage Fender amp – good job dudes! – Great transformers, and great guy. Big DIY contributor, the same type of the guy as Ted Weber, Ken Fisher, Cesar Diaz. We all learned a lot from Mr. Chris Merren

The Valve Wizard – Amp builder bible

Useful Tools – Four, five, and six band resistor color codes – Capacitor value calculator, but also must know DIY related website – Bancika‘s great free-ware software. All my layouts are done using his awesome soft

Electronics2000 – Downloadable caps and resistor software decoder

CSG Network – Tropical Fish capacitor color code calculator

Silent Mod – Universal on-line component calculator – Pot Code Reader