[0.15″ pitch vero] Colorsound Fuzz Box

Another instant classic,

Colorsound Fuzz Box, also known as a One Knob Fuzz

Designed by famous Dick Denney in 60’s firstly hit the floor in 1990 as one of the pedals in Colorsound line

Simple and effective build, recently reissued by D*A*M/Macaris combo.

In recent reissue D.Main is using BC109C NPN silicon transistor (BC109 in DAM reissue) in first stage (Q1), and higher gain selected BC108C for Q2.

I also should note the ins and outs. Originally you have them swapped around, my layout shows typical In/Out arrangement to prevent confusion

PROJECT REVISED – missing trace cut fixed, as well as draw with correct 0,15″ pitch vero in mind

Get the project file here [.pdf]