[Various] Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone

Classic as hell. THE really first fuzz unit ever produced, popularized by guys who can’t get no satisfaction.

The only way to get buzzy tone before that was to slash the speakers with razor blades.

First layout is designed to go with 15″ pitch vero, vertical axial e-caps – if you use BC Electronics 63v they’re not longer than 1/2W CC resistors, so IMO it’s fine.

Two versions, both share the same component layout. First one is for kind-of TBMK1 mounting style, second one is made for MK2 bender style mounting brackets, the same crap, different flavor.

* Version I vero.pdf

* Version II vero.pdf

Full offboard shielded wiring sexy as me included.

Second layout is for perfboard/eyelet (your choice), old school charm and kind of back to the roots for me. Love to that kind of projects make me to set turretboard.org up! I need to make more of those layouts sometimes soon – get it here.pdf