Marshall Supa Wah

Here’s Marshall Supa Wah porn. Pictures was sent by Jan from Sweden. This particular unit is faulty (missing inductor), but still beautiful! I hope Jan will get her to live very soon.

Some additional info from the owner…

Parts details:

1 x 10uF16V Electrolytic cap
2 x 0.01uF Lemco 10K ceramic capacitors
2 x .1uF/160V Mullard capacitors
2 x 2G374 901 Transistors
1 x 22K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
2 x 470K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 1K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 10K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 100K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 470/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 68K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 1K5/.5W±5% Piher resistor

So it’s matches the bill of material from my project files 🙂

Big cheers to Jan for the picts and BOM confirmation