VOX Grey Wah-Wah

Another cherry on the cake from Jan. Rare example of Grey VOX, very first Wah-Wah ever produced. Here’s what Jan says about this pedal:

“The photos #5 and #6 shows the replacement pot with the pop-fixing-resistor(1M). The original pot (dual 100K linear is put away and will follow this pedal) did not perform properly. As it’s very hard (impossible??) to find really good dual wah-pots, I choose to put in a “Wah Potentiometer 50k lin / 500k lin” 4,50 EUR Product No: “ibawahpot” from Musikding (www.musikding.de). The 50K is for the Wah and 500K for the Swell/Volume. I took the opportunity to reverse the Wah to normal (Treble – toe down / Bass – heal down), it was very strange to have it in the opposite way. I have not revealed what’s under the cover, it remains a secret;-) So I do not know what components there are, what type of; inductor, capacitors and resistors, only the two transistors (BC150) is in the open.


This is the second one gooped I ever seen. Also I have just a few picts of similar units and none of them had the duplo pot to control wah & volume/swell. There was always just a single potentiometer. AFAIK there was two basic layouts for this model. First one – also called prototype model was assembled by Del Casher (the inventor) himself and his wife. Those was build on tagboard. Later on the full production model with different component layout was issued, and pretty much looks similar to the one we see on picts here. Also AFAIR the early proto units was build with BC150 transistors, and in the production models usually we see Texas Instrument 2N3707, so this is another oddity. The inductor in later units was 250mH, resistors was Iskra brand, two big yellow unbranded 0,22uF 160v capacitors with similar look to WIMA’s, and two 10000pF (0,01uF) Styroflex type caps, as well as one bipolar 4uF. I’m not sure about the brand, but I think I see Lemco on it… Perhaps someone more knowable could add something to complete/verify the info.

Layout for Grey Wah is in “Layouts” -> “Wah & EQ” section on my webpage

Thanks to Jan again!