[Vero] D*A*M Fuzz FZ-673 Custom Project

One of the newest D*A*M custom project creation. As far as I know only 10 was made, and no more will ever be. This project is based on Zonk Machine / MK1 Bender with little ad-ons that I really like here. Firstly, mostly notable is that filter/tone control was added – it’s my favorite tone mod I did in lot of my builds firstly seen in Joe Gagan’s Easy Face. To the standard 1000pF cap another bigger one (.1uF) is mixed in. Simple, but lovely solution! Tone pot value is just guess but I’m pretty sure it’s fine. Other than that standard PNP germaniums, modern addition of statut LED, and some components are shifted here and there. Cool unit!

Update 28.09.2011 New layout with shielded wire off-board wiring was added

Download D*A*M Fuzz FZ-673.pdf


Due to D*A*M counterfeit pedals that recently appeared on the marked all D*A*M straight layouts will be removed from turretboard.org and will be replaced soon with our own works and interpretations.