[Tagboard, stripboard] Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround

Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround.pdf – I’m not sure about ground tracking compared to real one, but other than that this layout matches original unit. Also, this is the same layout than used in D*A*M Fuzzaround

Page revision: 25 March 2012

Here’s vero layout for Buzzaround. It should easily fit small 1590B or 125B enclosure, additionaly trannies could be mounted on sockets, so You can swap them and pick best sounding trio. In original unit where used three NKT213 (very rare and pricy stuff nowdays…), but this is pretty elastic circuit and You can use other PNP Ge transistors.

D.A. Main of D*A*M reports that in orginal unit where used below gains:
Q1 – around 50hfe
Q2 – around 80hfe
Q3 – around 130hfe

Get the vero layout [.pdf]

Page revision: 05 April 2012

Added small tag board version – should easily fit 125B enclosure.

Get the small tag board version [.pdf]