[PCB] Fulltone Soul-Bender

Here’s Fulltone Soul-Bender PCB project. Full off-board wiring included. Direct copy of my unit S/N 3159, so it’s one of the last ones. It took me long time to make this project happen as I was not sure of my tracing abilities. The schematic I’ve drawn was so much different from Madbean’s Pastyface ,or classic MK3 Bender family. Anyway, now I’m sure it matches mine unit 100% minus in/out pull-down resistors. Some earlier units have some component differences like 150pF cap in place of 330pF, 47k resistor in place of 22k in mine. Also Volume knob value is different. In mine it’s 250kB, in first units it’s 500kA. More differences includes – old units have 100nF input, and collector Q3 caps, in place of 220nF in mine , and 100pF in place of 220pF ceramic in mine between collector and base of Q2.  Strange value of LED limiting resistor, very large, I think to limit power consumption, LED’s often eats several times more current than whole circuit.

Download Sour-Bender PCB project files.pdf – standard, typical CBE transistor arrangement, and CEB transistor arrangement project file for those who have those odd Russian wonders

Here’s drawn of close to original layout image for education purpose

Vero layout coming soon