[0.15″ pitch Vero] D*A*M Fuzz Sound

I said I would not post here any currently in production units made by Mr.Main, but I did it already on freestompboxes.org

I’m sure I won’t hurt Dave’s business by doing this even if I would

So here it is, four Fuzz Sound variants.

– standard MK3/MK4 version with full off-board wiring

– custom Black On Black limited edition project. It is different part-wise to the common production model

– Grease and Smoke part of The Mother Fucker done as an independent units – custom DAM project based on Fuzz Sound with unusual part values

Here’s few classic MK3 type of projects done on DAM part layout (never issued as a DAM products):

Tone Bender MKIII – Early Spec

Tone Bender MKIV – Later Spec

Tone Bender MKIV – “Batman Logo”

Different layout for them all (and more) can be also found on my Tone Bender page under MK3 section. Also – DAM The Mother Fucker can be found on here

UPDATE 10/06/2012: All projects updated, error in wiring and missing trace-cut fixed


Due to D*A*M counterfeit pedals that recently appeared on the marked all D*A*M straight layouts will be removed from turretboard.org and will be replaced soon with our own works and interpretations.

UPDATE 25/06/2012:

Here’s universal layout for MKIII/MKIV type tone benders on 20×8 .15″ stripboard with listed part values for most common versions:

Get the pdf project file.

Get the png project file.