[0.1″ pitch Perf] Dunlop JBF-3 Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face

Another Dunlop Fuzz Face variant.

As my previous layout, this perfboard is based on Electric Warrior’s work with just few components added to match it to JBF-3 spec.

What’s the Fuzz is All About? Firstly, it has one more component to (AFAIK) prevent squealing at higher Fuzz settings.

Secondly, it’s PNP germanium circuit. Old stock Russian transistors ware used.

JBF-3 was short lived limited to 300 units only. It’s gone by now, so here’s your chance to build one.

I did another layout with external bipolar power supply, but I wasn’t sure connections, so I decide to let you see it as is – bare bone.

Get your PDF project file here


LAYOUT CONTAINS ERRORS – corrected version to view here http://turretboard.knucklehead.dk/?p=1642