[0.1″ pitch Perf] Dunlop JH-F1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face

Last Dunlop Fuzz Face Hendrix reissue. This one was designed by Jeorge Tripps, well know man behind Way Huge effect. Few cool mods ware applied, mainly to stabilize and prevent RF pick-up.

Here’s the lil layout I did (PDF). I was inspired by Electric Warrior’s perfboard Fuzz Face layout, he done years ago.

I just simply added few components as per JH-F1 spec.

Still a lot of vintage charm and vibe.

Q2 collector bias in this model is set quite high, way higher than standard 4.5v.

I’m not sure about Q1 collector bias, it seems to be around 1.4v, so not far away from typical FF Q1 bias point.

In JH-F1 those bias points are preset at the factory with SMD trimmers on trace side under the board. Use a pot to set it, measure the bias with your DMM and pick-up closest value resistor from your stash, if you want to go anal, measure your resistors to pick up the exact one.

47pF capacitor isn’t confirmed. In JF-F1 it’s unmarked SMD type, should be between 47pF and 150pF.