[0.1″ pitch stripboard] Aria – Super Fuzz Sustainer RE-203

Aria… Blast from the past. My first playable guitar was Aria brand back in early 90’s. The blue pearl Ibanez RG series ripoff.

This old school fuzz unit is kind of ripoff too. Closely based on EHX Big Muff Pi, minus output buffer.

All caps are ceramic in original RE-203, and my layout is designed to easily accommodate 2,5mm 560pF ceramics and 5mm raster caps for anything above.

You may bitching me for stand up resistors again, bud hey! RE-203 have them all that way.

Transistors are at this point unknown to me, I did my layout for common pin-out NPN silicon devices, use your favorite BMP trannies

Have fun

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