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What’s the Fuzz is all about?

The website that you wandered to is mainly a tribute. It is a story wrote on dizzy 60’s and 70’s, times when you would smell scent of heroine and free love in the air, times when idols were cherished and the days of rebel was full on. Times when music was not just a radio jingle but a weapon, a channel for questioned personalities and a medium deactivating tensions. It is a story about times when hair on a chest was trendy, hairspray groovy, hula hop shaggy…

Once upon a time when pop culture used to be cool!

In other words it is a place where I can let my love to germanium and silicon fuzz machines live its own life. You will find here acollection of turretboard, P-T-P, vero, and PCB layouts coming the age that is fading away.

My aim and ambition is to create a worldwide recognizable website containing a complex DIY section of vintage circuits, you will draw a blank if you look for such information in other services…


This webpage is also my payback to all of you who contributed the time and free info to number of DIY forums and your own websites. Helped my to understand how guitar amps and effect units works and should be build.

At least this is what I can do – keep this site running and care to update it often.


Big cheers to all of you, and enjoy my website!


For contact  write to…
[Sinner requested that I pull his email address of the site, as he doesn’t have the time to answer stuff from here anymore. Be aware that there are plenty of pedal building forums out there, where you can seek help with your build, or order commissioned work.

I can recommend or Otherwise google is your friend…

\\ grrrunge]

Thanks is not ME any longer, it’s WE since some time. No I’m not going boutique New man is on board

Please welcome – Beedotman, new project maker and co-writer. Beedotman is positively twisted fuzz freak, my countryman and bud of mine. Since now we run together. So expect new projects very soon, and I’m sure you’ll have them more frequently than ever before


Have a Q? Go ahead

turretboard at gmail dot com

Q: Hi, do you make rams head 73′ muff copy and sell it to people?

A: No, I don’t. is none profit DIY related site, all you need is here, also if you have a question about part selection, I’m always happy to help out. If you’re unable to do it yourself, ask your friend.

Q: I’ve seen on the forum/ebay/whatever a guy who was selling pedals based on your layouts…

A: I’m not a hypocrite, all of the stuff I’ve draw, or build was someone else design. It’s always nice to ask, but in general – I don’t give a fuck. Power to the people!

UPDATE 2012/06/16 – Due to D*A*M counterfeit pedals that recently appeared on the marked all D*A*M straight layouts will be removed from and will be replaced soon with our own works and interpretations.

When I said I don’t give a fuck I was saying about our own layouts and interpretations. Dead on cloning is what is NOT COOL about, and we are NOT an ramp for scum modafakers. Since now no more straight replicas of any kind will be issued on our pages, and those existing will soon be replaced with our own works and interpretations.

Also – recent incident of selling diagrams on ebay is something I feel not comfortable with. is in whole no profit, free to view/distribute/whatever. We are not associated with anybody selling stuff we do, and we never will. If somebody just sold you our crap, please email me – I’ll letter-bomb that motherfucker

Q: Why comments are switched off

A: Because I have to deal with massive spambot activity, +200 fake messages and penis enlarger adwares daily, shot me with email instead or visit