[0.1″ pitch Perf] Wah-Wah

With this project you’ll be able to build almost every classic WahWah.

My layout was created for look and mojo, not the size. Everything is in line, looks nice and tidy 🙂

It takes 1/2 CC resistors and Tropical Caps nicely. For E-cap try BC Electronics 4u7 63-100v

Part names match the ones used by RG.Keen in Wah Article, I don’t think I could use RG’s schematic, so I draw mine – shown below

Schematic shows exemplar part values to build few of these famous classic wah pedals, I’m sure you can build much more projects than suggested, including other popular variants like Boomerang, Colorsound or Shinei wahs – just pick values from your favorite wah schematic, and match to schemo provided here.

‘Rpull’ is pulldown resistor on input to prevent popping, 2m2 is what I’m using usually

PDF project file

Have fun

[0.15″ pitch Vero] Wilsic Sound – Wah Wah

Wilsic Sound Wah Wah is none-inductor based circuit I know nothing about! 😀 Project file was issued as a kit in Radio Constructor Magazine somewhere in 70’s

Here’s what Effectdatabase.com says about the Wilsic Sound brand:

“Wilsic Sound was the brand name used by Wilsic Electronics, Doncaster, England. From 1972 until 1977 they made the Miles Platting series of amplifiers for JHS. The company disappeared after the owner died prematurely in 1977″

Please note that originally it’s silicon PNP (positive ground) circuit. Original draw, and two modified for NPN (with matched to original layout with BC183L transistor in mind), and my take for BC108/109 (typical CBE pin-out) or similar was provided.

Know more? Let me know (turretboard [at] gmail [dot] com)

FSB.org Discussion can be found here

Project files:


Matched to the real one [PNP] – vero layout

NPN version. BC183L have the same pin-out and orientation just like  PNP transistors in original unit

C-B-E transistor lineup. My take. NPN’ed

For electrolytics I recommend low voltage BC electronics. The axial ones 40-63v look nice mounted vertically, and are not much longer than 1/2w CC’s. Your choice really, just a suggestion.

[PTP] VOX Grey Wah-Wah

Presented project can be done on 0,15 pitch perforated board which does not exist! You have to made one based on template provided, or use standard IC friendly perfbord with little size adjustment.

Original dimension in inches:
– Board dimension 3,5 long / 0,75 wide
– Component raster holes 0,45
– Distance between components 0,15

AFAIK two variants was offered back in 60’s.

The first – pre-production model was build on tag board by legendary Mr. Del Casher and his wife. This first version is often called prototype

I had just three picts of this early unit, those are not common you see. But it match the schematic, and looks right to me. In short turretboard.org is happy to introduce this layout as first, no one ever did this before 🙂

Get the file here, and enjoy

It uses BC150 transistors. No notes about inductor in this one, it looks very much like the one in my old Foxx Fuzz-Wah-Volume pedal, brown coated – similar in look to Stack-Of-Dimes.

Second issue was build Point-To-Point around perforated none-copper board and this is what you have here. Project revised 05/09/2012 – wiring error fixed AGAIN

Full production unit, at least 2000 units was made. 2N3707 (Texas Instrument) transistors ware used in most of the cases. I’ve seen one unit, owned by Jan from Sweaden with BC150 as in early tagboard prototype version.

Other component types: Iskra brand resistors, Styroflex type 10nF caps, yellow 220nF caps similar to WIMA TFF’s, 250mH inductor with flying legs.

Layout shows reversed in’s and out’s, just like in real unit

Please note unusual transistor pinout if you’re going to use substitutions…

At the day of writing this e-amptone.com stocks N.O.S 2N3707 for 0,49 EUR.

If you ask the guy nicely, he can even measure them for you, just say turretboard.org sent you!