[vero] VOX Repeat Percussion

VOX Repeat Percussion tagboard layout with full off-board wiring. This is modded version with Depth control addition. Lot of wire connections, but that’s what you have to deal with to have it looking nice. Set it under the board as well as all horizontally orientated components – this is personal thing, I do that with my builds for cleaner look

VOX Repeat Percussion Tagboard project file [.pdf]

Old stripboard layouts soon to be replaced with new versions with all flat-down components and full off-board wiring – stay tuned

VOX Repeat Percussion – stock.pdf

VOX Repeat Percussion – ring mod.pdf

VOX Repeat Percussion – ring mod LED.pdf

No off-board wiring this time

[Tagboard] Trembulator with mods

Hands up to few guys from FSB forum. Specially for Bajaman for basic schemo, Mictester for buffer mod, and Madbean from www.madbeanpedals.com for putting all the mods together (Double Flush project). Discussion regarding this project can be viewed >>here<<

I did similar layout many months ago, but the early one was messy, and had no modifications whatsoever, just plain Demeter Compulator ripoff. Presented layout is showed to be build on tag board, but it’s highly recommended to complete all parts together first, and make your own board with turrets, as the overall part number and size can be to big to fit on standard tags.

I hope you like it