Marshall Supa Wah

Here’s Marshall Supa Wah porn. Pictures was sent by Jan from Sweden. This particular unit is faulty (missing inductor), but still beautiful! I hope Jan will get her to live very soon.

Some additional info from the owner…

Parts details:

1 x 10uF16V Electrolytic cap
2 x 0.01uF Lemco 10K ceramic capacitors
2 x .1uF/160V Mullard capacitors
2 x 2G374 901 Transistors
1 x 22K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
2 x 470K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 1K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 10K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 100K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 470/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 68K/.5W±5% Iskra resistor
1 x 1K5/.5W±5% Piher resistor

So it’s matches the bill of material from my project files 🙂

Big cheers to Jan for the picts and BOM confirmation

[0.15″ pitch Veroboard] Hornby Skewes (JHS) Zonk Machine

UPDATE 21 March 2012: Files are updated – now with full off-board wiring

Two layouts presented for original JHS parts layout. The one marked as Version I is based on D*A*M user named Graham, serious collector of number of fine vintage units, the other one – Version II is based on the schemo posted by David Main on D*A*M forum years ago. As you see part values are different. I’m sure both are accurate, but… In David’s schematic Q3 collector cap is listed as 0,47uF. In all gutshots I’ve seen there was always 0,047uF, Tropical Fish type, or orange cap 250v rated with R.S. (radio shack?) marking. So I think 0,47uF is wrong in Dave’s schemo. I left it matched to the Dave’s schemo (nah! 😉 updated to correct value in rev.2), but please have it in mind building your clone. Other BOM guide includes: 25uF electrolytic cap is 25v rated, bigger can be bitchy to fit. BC or Phillips should fit nicely. Vero is screwed directly to the enclosure, no standoffs, just a insulation to prevent circuit short.

Version III Prototype. I don’t know much about orgin of this variant. Looks very like a early Zonk Machine attempt. It has similar component values to my first two Zonk draws, but we see some differences like 64uF power filtering capacitor, flying input and output components. Some parts like input capacitor, or potentiometers value are just my guess, as I can’t see numbers on those picts I have – I’ve took the values from those two layouts I did erlier. I’ve seen total of 3 unit pictures like the one I’ve drawed here, one of them was sold on ebay months ago was different than other two. It had at least one Si transistor, and (I think) bias trimmer, the other two was without adjustable bias and with Ge trannies all the way up and this is what my layout is based on. If you have similar unit to this one, and can confirm values, or add anything to straight up the story of it, please @me.

Version I layout.pdf

Version II layout .pdf

Version III layout [prototype].pdf

[Veroboard] Madbean Fatpants – EP-3 Pre with bonus

Yet another Ep-3 booster But with added control.

For details go to Brian’s site

I was in need of small vero layout for this one to build into another pedal I’m modifying, so I’ve made it. Layout is sized for Panasonic Stacked Metal Films, as well as 25v Philips axial, Sanyo radial Os-Con’s and 1/2 resistors, as this is the thing I have and like to use.

I hope you like it

Thanks Brian for the ideas!

[Tagboard] Sam Ash/AstroTone Fuzz

Happy birthday Doug 😉

Presented caps are ceramic disc, like in original unit, I have some big ass RMC brand 47n’s ready for this project 🙂

I’m still not sure about the diodes… In most iternal shots I’ve seen there was a huge badass diodes with orange caps, looks very much like my stock of 270’s… Those are germanium not Si like most forumities claims, but in other hand – diode look varies depend of manufacture. I guess experimenting is way to go. Otherwise if you know something I don’t know, email me

[Vero] Marshall Supa Wah

30.06.2012 UPDATE: Moved to old layouts – new version is here

I took a lot of care to match mojo component selection to small vero (IC friendly). Components I had in mind as fallows: – IC friendly vero board – 1/2w Bredley CC’s – axial Philips 10uf 25v (small and sexy) – axial 0.1uF’s are Mustard Cap like in original unit, standing on the layout. Takes less space, and looks Marshall’ish. They did it like that in several units I’ve seen – 0.01uF are Erie ceramics. Distance between legs is around of 7mm. Fit nice into vero Supa Fuzz, as well as in here. You can find them on ebay UK – seller valvesetc – £0.99/one. I’m using that in my builds quite frequently. – Whipple halo replica. I’ll check how Arteffect’s SoD looks on it (if I remember right, SoD is smaller) I took much care to rout out close enough to grounding point to use shielding output wire Surly you can use other component types, like 1/4w resistors, whatever – layout can be even smaller. It was drawn with my favorite part selection in mind, with something I’m using and I have

[Tagboard] Marshall Supa Wah

Odd machine! VOX Grey knock off on germanium transistors. I don’t know much about this one, If you have more info then speak up bro!

30.06.2012 UPDATE: Moved to old layouts. New page is here