[0.1″ pitch Perf] Dunlop JBF-3 Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face

Another Dunlop Fuzz Face variant.

As my previous layout, this perfboard is based on Electric Warrior’s work with just few components added to match it to JBF-3 spec.

What’s the Fuzz is All About? Firstly, it has one more component to (AFAIK) prevent squealing at higher Fuzz settings.

Secondly, it’s PNP germanium circuit. Old stock Russian transistors ware used.

JBF-3 was short lived limited to 300 units only. It’s gone by now, so here’s your chance to build one.

I did another layout with external bipolar power supply, but I wasn’t sure connections, so I decide to let you see it as is – bare bone.

Get your PDF project file here


LAYOUT CONTAINS ERRORS – corrected version to view here http://turretboard.knucklehead.dk/?p=1642

[vero] 73′ Big Muff Pi – Ram’s Head

So… I have a lot of nice bigass ceramic caps and Ramshead build in mind, also 4pcs of 2N5133 new old stock with gain above 500hfe is here waiting. I did this layout with my parts selection in mind. I could track the grounding better but I decide to live it like that as the part layout is what I’m fancy with. I’ll run the jumper to connect the grounding points together.

I was drawing this from the layout found on Kit Rae’s website (awesome BMP info source). This layout is not verified for now.

Edited 10.04.2011: Old file deleted, new layout added. This is basically exact the same thing than before, but with better component routing. Input is closer to ground so using shielded wire is easier now. I like this layout way better now, I hope you feel the same 🙂 Also this one is smaller, even more than my Triangle Muff. Could be even more compact, but I still want to use my ceramic caps.

Edited 12.04.2011: I’ve spend some time today to make my Muff’s smarter. I’ve end up reducing two grounding points to only one, and make it even more compact (21×11 – I’ve never seen stripboard BMP that tinny)! Also LED limiting resistor is added to the layout. I think this is the final version 😉

[Vero] Marshall Supa Wah

30.06.2012 UPDATE: Moved to old layouts – new version is here http://turretboard.knucklehead.dk/?p=1907

I took a lot of care to match mojo component selection to small vero (IC friendly). Components I had in mind as fallows: – IC friendly vero board – 1/2w Bredley CC’s – axial Philips 10uf 25v (small and sexy) – axial 0.1uF’s are Mustard Cap like in original unit, standing on the layout. Takes less space, and looks Marshall’ish. They did it like that in several units I’ve seen – 0.01uF are Erie ceramics. Distance between legs is around of 7mm. Fit nice into vero Supa Fuzz, as well as in here. You can find them on ebay UK – seller valvesetc – £0.99/one. I’m using that in my builds quite frequently. – Whipple halo replica. I’ll check how Arteffect’s SoD looks on it (if I remember right, SoD is smaller) I took much care to rout out close enough to grounding point to use shielding output wire Surly you can use other component types, like 1/4w resistors, whatever – layout can be even smaller. It was drawn with my favorite part selection in mind, with something I’m using and I have

[Tagboard] Marshall Supa Wah

Odd machine! VOX Grey knock off on germanium transistors. I don’t know much about this one, If you have more info then speak up bro!

30.06.2012 UPDATE: Moved to old layouts. New page is here http://turretboard.knucklehead.dk/?p=1907