Diaphanous Exploder

I was working on this circuit since 2006. It’s completely new design, never seen in effect pedal industry ever before. Surly I took little from other designs, mainly from different 70’s mixing consoles.

So What it is?

Diaphanous Exploder.pdf [click to download] is transparent booster (or boobster if you push it harder), skill driver/shifter, and penis enlarger.

This short description says all. Idea behind this project was to have three pedals in one with minimum controls. I did flow with current fashion during design to build as much transparent pedal as possible. If you ask me, you can’t get much closer in transparency field as this!

Also, what I was missing searching over past few years for perfectly balanced and transparent boobster/overhype pedal is to have more control over speed and feeling. Here you can set perfect balance between that two with just one twist of single knob. How fucking cool is this?

Layout shows full off-board wiring, with shielded in/out jacks. No mains socket, you really have to run it from single carbon battery for best performance. Use 2W CC resistor for perfect sound/noise ratio, and have fun!

EDIT: No, I’m not an diabetic 😉

It was April’s Fool project 🙂

[TAG] DOD 230 Noise Gate

Here’s the build I’ve draw to use with some of my higain layouts like Dr.Boogie, or BSIABII. It’s unverified. It’s single knob gate with the switch – I have no bloody idea what switch does, I’ve downloaded the original layout long time ago and I don’t really remember from where, so no person to ask. From the picts of the original unit we see no extra switch, so this one is an mastery The idea of using this layout to me is to activate it without the toggle/stomp switch, just use a pot with integrated DPDT. In O position this circuit will be omitted, anything above activate the gate… Well, it’s just my idea to use it, this way you save a space, but doesn’t really matters how you use it really.

I’m not sure If this is any good for higain pedals, as I heard it’s to slow, may be some of you knows how to make it faster, or perhaps someone point me better single knob project to transform