[Tagboard] Creepy Fingers Effects Si Fuzz Face


Here’s lovely tagboard layout for si fuzz face clone made by Brad from Creepy Fingers Effects for charity auction where 100% of the proceeds of auction will go to Naoto Matsumura and Tomioka’s animals. Very cool initiative and very nice fuzz face layout on single tagboard. Love it!

Small mods in circuit – added 10R resistor between Q2 emitter and fuzz pot plus small ceramic cap 39pF to lower noise and prevent oscilations on higher fuzz settings.

Transistors are TFK BC130c.

Get the project file here [.pdf]


PAGE UPDATE 18/04/2012

Corrected layout updated.

[Tagboard] Os Mutantes Fuzz / Deadpool


Here’s another cool project for ya – Os Mutantes Fuzz (a.k.a Regulus VIII) !

Circuit developed in 70’s by Cesar Dias for Os Mutantes guitarist.

Very unique sounding circuit powered by two silicon NPN transistors. Only one knob – Volume and Filter switch to cut bass response frequency. There’s also silicon diode clipping section for even more distortion and compression.

Get the Os Mutantes Fuzz project file here [.pdf]

Get the Os Mutantes Fuzz schematic here [.jpg]

And here is Deadpool – Os Mutantes fuzz with some mods by madbean.
Visit madbean’s project page for useful info here.

Get the Deadpool project file here [.pdf]


[Various] Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz Tone

Classic as hell. THE really first fuzz unit ever produced, popularized by guys who can’t get no satisfaction.

The only way to get buzzy tone before that was to slash the speakers with razor blades.

First layout is designed to go with 15″ pitch vero, vertical axial e-caps – if you use BC Electronics 63v they’re not longer than 1/2W CC resistors, so IMO it’s fine.

Two versions, both share the same component layout. First one is for kind-of TBMK1 mounting style, second one is made for MK2 bender style mounting brackets, the same crap, different flavor.

* Version I vero.pdf

* Version II vero.pdf

Full offboard shielded wiring sexy as me included.

Second layout is for perfboard/eyelet (your choice), old school charm and kind of back to the roots for me. Love to that kind of projects make me to set turretboard.org up! I need to make more of those layouts sometimes soon – get it here.pdf

Diaphanous Exploder

I was working on this circuit since 2006. It’s completely new design, never seen in effect pedal industry ever before. Surly I took little from other designs, mainly from different 70’s mixing consoles.

So What it is?

Diaphanous Exploder.pdf [click to download] is transparent booster (or boobster if you push it harder), skill driver/shifter, and penis enlarger.

This short description says all. Idea behind this project was to have three pedals in one with minimum controls. I did flow with current fashion during design to build as much transparent pedal as possible. If you ask me, you can’t get much closer in transparency field as this!

Also, what I was missing searching over past few years for perfectly balanced and transparent boobster/overhype pedal is to have more control over speed and feeling. Here you can set perfect balance between that two with just one twist of single knob. How fucking cool is this?

Layout shows full off-board wiring, with shielded in/out jacks. No mains socket, you really have to run it from single carbon battery for best performance. Use 2W CC resistor for perfect sound/noise ratio, and have fun!

EDIT: No, I’m not an diabetic 😉

It was April’s Fool project 🙂