My new drive! I’m just learning basics, while doing classic builds. Amp building passion is my next step I always wanted to jump on.


Bear in mind I’m a passionate only, and I only get started in tube world. It means – I can’t guarantee proper functioning of my amp layouts. You must remember that high voltage stored in – even switched off tube amp can kill!!! Either way, my draw can be good start for your own research, and I hope it will. All my amp layouts are shown here as my private educational journey and historical research, and can’t be used by any as a DIY projects.

Remember – valve amps can store 700V of power easily, while 9VDC powered effect units probably can do shit, valve amp will kill you if you don’t know what you doing… Just like me. So if I stop adding new info one day you know I’m on IC unit, or in the dark, cold hole.