Duplo FX

This is something I had in mind from ages but I never had enough drive to do it.

Until today 😉

This dual circuit idea came to me first when I saw D*A*M Motherfucker tandem fuzz.

Cool!!! Two circuits in one box?!?

Main difference is that MF used two MK3/4 variants in line with independent on/off switches.

My draw use two circuits with ability to shift between circuit “A” and circuit “B” using one stomp switch, and master on/off switch on the other hand (I mean foot!) for total bypass.

Here’s the PDF file with my guess how this should be wired, it’s not verified (as most of my drafts), but looks fine.

The circuits presented in this document are two BMP variants, but you can stick any NPN circuit of your choice – fuzz + OD, two choruses, phasers or delays with different settings… Go wild!