[TAG] Prescription Electronics Experience

The story is as fallow. I’ve broken my balls drawing FOXX Tone Machine with out the mods, and at the end I’ve pressed ctrl+x combination on the key board and all this gone I was so bloody down… I decided to jump on it again, so here you go. Redraw was done from Prescription Electronics Experience unit, and octave on/off stomp switch, and cool swell (fade in) option is added…

This was written on original layout (I’ve downloaded it a long time ago – I don’t remember who made it, so I can’t give a credit – sorry ):
– Foxx Tone Machine: transistors are 2N3565; Diodes are 1N34A
– Prescription Experiance: transistors are 2N3904; Diodes are 1N4001
– This version: transistors are BC549C; D1, D2 are 1N4148, D3, D4 are OA90
– NOTE: BC549C shown, 2N3904 pinout is reversed

I think this layout is ok, but as always – check it zillion times first