[Tagboard] Marshall Supa Fuzz Mk1 Proto

Heres Mk1, not as much clean as the mk2, but it has more parts, and I’m tired. I may give it second shots later on. To me this one is odd, no fixed bias resistor for Q1 collector like in later benders, so it receives full -9v, perhaps on the original there is a fixed bias resistor hidden under the vero? Maybe not, Tone Bender Mk1 is build without Q1 fixed resistor as well. I have just the only one schemo floating on the web done by I don’t know who, and the vero done by Electric Warrior, and to be honest I just starting to give it a born, so… Maybe someone more knowable than me can resolve this. If you really need to have fixed bias resistor then you can run the resistor (10k or so) from the power source to free tag space, and relocate the Q1 collector point there (showed on my layout)