[Vero] Marshall Supa Wah

30.06.2012 UPDATE: Moved to old layouts – new version is here http://turretboard.knucklehead.dk/?p=1907

I took a lot of care to match mojo component selection to small vero (IC friendly). Components I had in mind as fallows: – IC friendly vero board – 1/2w Bredley CC’s – axial Philips 10uf 25v (small and sexy) – axial 0.1uF’s are Mustard Cap like in original unit, standing on the layout. Takes less space, and looks Marshall’ish. They did it like that in several units I’ve seen – 0.01uF are Erie ceramics. Distance between legs is around of 7mm. Fit nice into vero Supa Fuzz, as well as in here. You can find them on ebay UK – seller valvesetc – £0.99/one. I’m using that in my builds quite frequently. – Whipple halo replica. I’ll check how Arteffect’s SoD looks on it (if I remember right, SoD is smaller) I took much care to rout out close enough to grounding point to use shielding output wire Surly you can use other component types, like 1/4w resistors, whatever – layout can be even smaller. It was drawn with my favorite part selection in mind, with something I’m using and I have