[0.1″ pitch Perf] Wah-Wah

With this project you’ll be able to build almost every classic WahWah.

My layout was created for look and mojo, not the size. Everything is in line, looks nice and tidy 🙂

It takes 1/2 CC resistors and Tropical Caps nicely. For E-cap try BC Electronics 4u7 63-100v

Part names match the ones used by RG.Keen in Wah Article, I don’t think I could use RG’s schematic, so I draw mine – shown below

Schematic shows exemplar part values to build few of these famous classic wah pedals, I’m sure you can build much more projects than suggested, including other popular variants like Boomerang, Colorsound or Shinei wahs – just pick values from your favorite wah schematic, and match to schemo provided here.

‘Rpull’ is pulldown resistor on input to prevent popping, 2m2 is what I’m using usually

PDF project file

Have fun