[Stripboard/Vero] D*A*M Head Buzz


Another out of production D*A*M custom project. Head Buzz is basically standard Fuzz Face – no mods.

Done for Japanese market only.

Total of four versions was issued AFAIK:

PNP germanium – all with holly NKT275’s and NPN silicon on BC108, and some on BC183L – similar to MK1.5 Bender appearance, but build on 0.1″ pitch stripboard with expanded space to accommodate 1/2W resistors and full sized axial capacitors. Basically standard Fuzz Face spec, but linear taper Volume pot and 6k8 Q2 bias resistor in silicon version. These two had no shielded wire off-board wiring.

Please note floating wire coming from DPDT switch – track it to under the switch, or find other grounding point to enclosure. Otherwise expect huge amount of squealing and RF pick up

The other two versions are all silicon. This time dead-on MK1.5 layout presence, made with 0.15″ pitch vero, and shielded wire off-board wiring was used this time.

– First one has also stock Fuzz Face specification, we see BC108, BC183L, or BC209 transistors here, depend on issue, linear taper Volume and 8k2 Q2 bias resistor, no changes after that

– The other one 0.15″ vero version is odd. It was build to ordered for D*A*M’s Japanese dealer to mimic  “drift and sag” on one of their favorite vintage units. Electrolytic capacitors  are mystery to me, I can’t see part values, but resistors are clearly visible. If I get more info, I’ll update this page ones again


Due to D*A*M counterfeit pedals that recently appeared on the marked all D*A*M straight layouts will be removed from turretboard.org and will be replaced soon with our own works and interpretations.