[0.1″ pitch stripboard] D*A*M – Drag’N’Fly DF-05

Hmm… Germanium or Silicon powered fuzz…? That is the question. Hey… why not both at the same time? 🙂 D*A*M answer is Drag’N’Fly!

Hybrid fuzz box based on Fuzz Face circit with increased gain and output, silicon flavour and touch of germanium warm. Temperature fluctuations stable.
Input filter (blend between two capacitors) allows to add exactly as many bottom end as needed. Very interesting concept.
Personally I don’t like input cap blend and prefer solution based on switch between two or three input caps, but many folks likes it – worth trying for sure.



Due to D*A*M counterfeit pedals that recently appeared on the marked all D*A*M straight layouts will be removed from turretboard.org and will be replaced soon with our own works and interpretations.