[TAG] YAFF 69 & 70 – Fuller Mods

I’m not sure about 69. In GGG project files we see 0,1uF cap, while in most (all) of YAFF’s I’ve seen there is 0,01uF. Also I’ve changed 1k resistor in line with Q2 bias knob to 4,7k as this is what works better to me. Have a look and tell me what you think. Trimm is 10k, Fuzz Control 1k Lin, Input Bias 50k llinear, Contour 1k linear, Vol 500k log.

As per 70 – again, confusion starts!

Electrolytic from base of Q1 should be 2,2uF in all FF clones, and here is – according to GGG project files 22uF… So I’m asking WTF?

as per layout, 10pF/1M combo can be set under the board to save 2 tags

[TAG] Prescription Electronics Experience

The story is as fallow. I’ve broken my balls drawing FOXX Tone Machine with out the mods, and at the end I’ve pressed ctrl+x combination on the key board and all this gone I was so bloody down… I decided to jump on it again, so here you go. Redraw was done from Prescription Electronics Experience unit, and octave on/off stomp switch, and cool swell (fade in) option is added…

This was written on original layout (I’ve downloaded it a long time ago – I don’t remember who made it, so I can’t give a credit – sorry ):
– Foxx Tone Machine: transistors are 2N3565; Diodes are 1N34A
– Prescription Experiance: transistors are 2N3904; Diodes are 1N4001
– This version: transistors are BC549C; D1, D2 are 1N4148, D3, D4 are OA90
– NOTE: BC549C shown, 2N3904 pinout is reversed

I think this layout is ok, but as always – check it zillion times first