[Vero] Marshall Supa Fuzz

This layout matches original 1968 Marshall Supa unit, component placement and trace cuts are dead accurate to the unit I traced from, sadly, only from the pictures 🙁 Check out YT clip below for some additional porn, LMAO after I’ve watched it

Supa Porn Demo

Update 27.09.2011:

Few more Supafuzz variant. All layout are based on gutshots of original units, they’re different from each other and are all worth to try:

– Marshall Supa Fuzz.pdf

Marshall Supa Fuzz MK2.pdf

Marshall Supa Fuzz MK2 + 100R.pdf

Marshall Supa Fuzz Proto.pdf

Marshall Supa Fuzz PCB.pgn

Presented layouts includes full off-board wiring with shielded wire, no LED, no power supply socked – as original! Old files deleted