[TAG] Prescription Electronics Experience

The story is as fallow. I’ve broken my balls drawing FOXX Tone Machine with out the mods, and at the end I’ve pressed ctrl+x combination on the key board and all this gone I was so bloody down… I decided to jump on it again, so here you go. Redraw was done from Prescription Electronics Experience unit, and octave on/off stomp switch, and cool swell (fade in) option is added…

This was written on original layout (I’ve downloaded it a long time ago – I don’t remember who made it, so I can’t give a credit – sorry ):
– Foxx Tone Machine: transistors are 2N3565; Diodes are 1N34A
– Prescription Experiance: transistors are 2N3904; Diodes are 1N4001
– This version: transistors are BC549C; D1, D2 are 1N4148, D3, D4 are OA90
– NOTE: BC549C shown, 2N3904 pinout is reversed

I think this layout is ok, but as always – check it zillion times first

[TAG] SRV Special TS808

R1: 1k
R2: 10k
R3: 4k7
R4: 510k
R5: 51k
R6: 1k
R7: 10k
R8: 10k
R9: 10k
R10: 1k
R11: 220R
R12: 1M
R13: 1k
R14: 510k
R15: 10k
R16: 10r
R17: 10k
R18: 10k

C1: 10uF
C2: 1uF
C3: .047uF
C4: 47uF
C5: .22uF
C6: .22uF
C7: 10uF

IC1: JRC4558D
Q1: 2N3904
Q2: 2N3904
D1: 1N4148
D2: 1N4148
D3: 1N4001

[VERO] EP-3 Preamp Section

About the part selection – 22n’s and 100n is sized to tropical fish caps to be used. For 10uf’s 25v BC Electronic caps make perfect fit. MAX1044 can’t take more than 10v voltage input, so forget about 12vdc power supply. You may use other voltage doubler chip like the LTC1054. I’m going to add another cap and diode to make it close to 24v with popular 9VDC source when I’ll find spare minute. JFET marked in the layout is picked up just for low noise. No idea how cute this sounds in this circuit. I guess I’ll make some experiments with other JFET’s to pick up the best one. At this point of time it’s not verified, I hope it works…

[PTP] VOX Grey Wah-Wah

Presented project can be done on 0,15 pitch perforated board which does not exist! You have to made one based on template provided, or use standard IC friendly perfbord with little size adjustment.

Original dimension in inches:
– Board dimension 3,5 long / 0,75 wide
– Component raster holes 0,45
– Distance between components 0,15

AFAIK two variants was offered back in 60’s.

The first – pre-production model was build on tag board by legendary Mr. Del Casher and his wife. This first version is often called prototype

I had just three picts of this early unit, those are not common you see. But it match the schematic, and looks right to me. In short turretboard.org is happy to introduce this layout as first, no one ever did this before 🙂

Get the file here, and enjoy

It uses BC150 transistors. No notes about inductor in this one, it looks very much like the one in my old Foxx Fuzz-Wah-Volume pedal, brown coated – similar in look to Stack-Of-Dimes.

Second issue was build Point-To-Point around perforated none-copper board and this is what you have here. Project revised 05/09/2012 – wiring error fixed AGAIN

Full production unit, at least 2000 units was made. 2N3707 (Texas Instrument) transistors ware used in most of the cases. I’ve seen one unit, owned by Jan from Sweaden with BC150 as in early tagboard prototype version.

Other component types: Iskra brand resistors, Styroflex type 10nF caps, yellow 220nF caps similar to WIMA TFF’s, 250mH inductor with flying legs.

Layout shows reversed in’s and out’s, just like in real unit

Please note unusual transistor pinout if you’re going to use substitutions…

At the day of writing this e-amptone.com stocks N.O.S 2N3707 for 0,49 EUR.

If you ask the guy nicely, he can even measure them for you, just say turretboard.org sent you!